About Us



Through years of “roll up your sleeves” experience, COVE has developed a philosophy and approach focused on guiding our clients to their desired destination.  We believe that success lies in the ability to use our expertise, best practices and technical knowledge to do two things – 1) answer a client’s immediate concerns and, 2) craft plans and roadmaps that fit with a company’s culture and leadership. We are your launch and land partner providing answers to your challenges with expansion and growth in U.S. markets.

In order for a plan to work, it must work for our client.

We look at available resources, tools, budgets and expertise and collaboratively work with our clients to enlighten and determine the most efficient route to reach their goals.  Our experience leads us to always start with data, and knowing your audience.  We follow a simple process of discover, understand, validate (repeat!) to continually learn, adapt and deliver to market interests and demand.  We also offer best practices and experienced resources to efficiently and effective support continued growth.

Whenever possible, we believe in agile, burstable efforts – small, fast testing that is expandable and can scale into larger initiatives.  Performance monitoring is your compass to maintain course and hit your milestones.  And, a relentless and persistent pursuit towards those goals will surely lead to success.

We are experienced and successful professionals with a network of highly-curated and reliable resources to successfully expand your business.