How We Work

COVE provides a range of business expansion options from easy entry-level service packages to ongoing advisory and virtual executive support. This allows you the flexibility to work with us as much or as little as you need.


We want our clients to get comfortable with our approach and confidence in our expertise. Retainers start as low as $1,000-$2,500 USD for basic planning and business advice.

  • Business Review and Assessment – We assess your business and provide analysis related to your desired expansion objectives.
  • Market Opportunity Review – We provide insight into the US market and what it will take for you compete and thrive.
  • Operational Preparedness – We assess your readiness to expand your business and provide guidance on how to support growth.
  • Investment Raise Templates– We provide guidance on how you structure your pitch and materials for venture capitalists.
  • Recruiting – Our experienced recruiters offer insight into the HR market, titles and roles based upon job requirements, and compensation ranges to staff your onshore team.


We focus upon technical areas where we provide immediate value on acute concerns of the company leadership, while also providing context and vision

  • Expansion Plans and Road Maps – We work with you to define a clear path with well-defined directives based upon your goals.
  • Go-To-Marketing Strategy & Development – We can create a KYA (“Know Your Audience”) profile work-up to inform you on your target audience, market size and related demographic and behavioral insights.
  • Customer Acquisition Planning – We will develop a comprehensive plan that forecasts reach, engagement and transaction across each marketing channel.
  • Strategic Partnering – We can work with you to identify optimal partners to accelerate your expansion process.


Utilize us as working partners or even virtual C-suite leadership to represent or oversee US operations to build and expand your footprint.

  • CFO, COO, CMO, CRO – Whether virtual, fractional, or interim, we can provide the highest quality talent in the US to provide boots-on-the-ground leadership to work with you to expand your business
  • Corporate Development (M&A) – We can work with you in running an merger or acquisition process, identify candidates, manage outreach and communication, and work with you to successfully reach an buy or sell.
  • Business Development – We have extensive networks and individuals who can work with you to generate leads and build a pipeline of deal flow.
  • Executive Recruiting -We have seasoned recruiters able to work with you to find highly-qualified, highly-competent candidates.


We offer simple, cost-effective administrative and operation services that can often be a drag on company growth, allowing companies to maintain focus and energy on what’s most important.

  • Office Space (temporary/permanent) – We can help you find desirable and functional office space on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • Insuranceand Bank Accounts (set-up) – We can help you get all necessary financial accounts and insurance in place so you can be up and running.
  • IT Support (and integration with Home Office) – We can work with your Home Office to set up any technology or infrastructure needs and provide on-going support.
  • Human Resources – We provide any HR documents and guidelines for your US operations including on-boarding service for new employees, employment handbooks, and other HR compliance documentation.
  • Bookkeeping, Accounts Receivable & Payable, Financial Reporting – We can cost-effectively provide you with all your bookkeeping needs including AR/AP management, collections, and financial reporting.
  • Social Media Marketing – We can develop a plan and provide resources to target your desired audience and influencers and provide content marketing to reach and engage them.