What We Do


COVE advises companies who are focused on a potential expansion strategy in the U.S. Market.

Whether you are considering possible expansion but are unsure of the benefits or you are already committed to the strategy and seeking help with implementing it in the best possible way, we are here to provide valuable guidance.

Our process typically starts by addressing the fundamental questions that should drive your decision to expand:

WHY AM I EXPANDING? - Growth Strategy and Objectives

Market Research & Opportunity Assessment 

WHERE AND WHEN? - The U.S. Market

Economic Development Incentives | Market Entry & Business Development | Corporate Location Advisory

WHAT? - Investing in Expansion

Preparation for Capital Investment | Financial & Operational Plans and Roadmaps

WHO? - Personnel

Virtual C-Suite Consulting | Recruiting & Human Resources | Administrative Staffing

HOW? – Local Compliance

Set-up & Forms | Filings | Ongoing Support

We help you refine your answers to these questions in order to ensure you can make the right decision for your business and its expansion.  We look at available resources, tools, budgets and expertise and collaboratively work with you to enlighten and determine the most efficient route to reach your goals. Our experience leads us to always start with data, and knowing your audience. We follow a simple process of discovery, understanding, validation – often through multiple iterations – to help you continually learn, adapt and deliver to the ever-changing market interests and demands. We also offer best practices and experienced resources to efficiently and effectively support your continued business growth.


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